The Orpheus Story

Orpheus is MIT ranked fintech and was shortlisted by AIconics Awards as one of the world’s best AI Innovators. The company specializes in Quantitative and Artificial Intelligence solutions for the financial services and other sectors. RMI® models have consistently outperformed respective benchmarks at similar risk by a range of 3 to 5% annually. The ‘Data Universality’ framework works across asset classes (equity, fixed income, commodities, currencies, and alternatives), Regions (America, Europe, Asia) and styles (active, passive, long-short, tactical etc.).



RMI® Methodology is based on a universal framework which considers markets as natural dynamic systems that are driven by the statistical forces of reversion and diversion. These forces create variability in asset performance and market functioning. This is why conventional factors like value, momentum, size, quality, volatility etc. are inconsistent in their behavior and hence fail to perform. RMI® Methodology is consistent and delivers risk-weighted excess returns because it combines the two diverse statistical forces into a unique factor which delivers consistently across assets, regions, styles and strategies.